The island of Mithas is shaped roughly like an oval. Steep mountain ranges surround North and West sides of the continent, while a range called the Central Mountains protrudes from the center of the mountains in the West about 2/3 of the way through the continent. The primary stronghold of the Paladins of the Order of the Frozen Flame is built on the far eastern edge of this range.

There are massive plains in the Southwest inhabited mainly by nomadic tribes of humanoids and savage humanoids. The plains wrap all around the Central Mountains to the Northwest corner of the continent, where the nation of Oderron sits.

In the South, there are a number of sheltered bays and small islands. In this area is the nation of Southfarden, a nation regarded as being famous by dint of its sailors, who are exceptionally good from having lived around water their whole lives, and its taverns, which are exceptionally common. Southfarden is also rumored to possess the finest spy network on the continent.

To the Southeast are the forests of the Elves.

To the Northeast are the mountains where the Gensai live.

Though there are Mages Guild towers and outposts scattered throughout the realm, the Great Tower of _ is towards the middle of the northern half of the continent, near Palanthas.


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